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Pala Cutting Board by Muoto2

Pala Cutting Board by Muoto2

Pala Cutting Board

Pala cutting board is made from composite and solid wood. Pala is a product which combines two materials into a truly elegant result. Because of the beauty of the product it is a pleasure to use, and it can be left out as a decorative part of your delicate kitchen.

Pala cutting board is manufactured in Lahti, Finland from high quality solid oak and solid ash. Oak and ash grain patterns are simultaneously discreet and quite surprising.

Finishing of the Pala cutting board is paraffin oil. Solid wood cutting board surface is a knife-friendly and it is perfectly suited for cutting vegetables and bread. It is also suitable for various table settings.

Care instructions
Wooden cutting boards need to be kept clean and daily maintenance is a good scrub with hot water after using.

After the couple of first waterings the wooden surface might be a little rough and you might have to give it an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep it from drying out. This kind of roughness will disappear in use.

Do not soak your cutting boards. No dishwasher. For meat products and fish we recommend a plastic cutting board.

Design: Muoto2

Material: solid oak wood or solid ash wood with composite part

Small - 27x15 cm / Medium - 4Ox15 cm


Made in Finland

375 SEK187.50 SEK